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With the huge success that the Kizomba is having in Portugal, nothing better than to let you discover more about one of the pioneering groups in Portugal. We selected Irmãos Verdades as artist of the month of June of Mais Kizomba.

Kizomba pioneers in Portugal actually began in the world of music in 1986 through dance, they were a group of 14 elements part of the band "Duo Ouro Negro". A little later, in 1989, some of these elements became part of the band as musicians, Raul Indypwo (Duo Ouro Negro), and the remaining continued as dancers. This project went through many countries, performing in stages like the Olympia in Paris, and even in several best stages of US and Canada.

Their 1st work was released in 1993 under the name "Saudades de Africa", and soon it became a musical reference. In 1997 was born the 2nd album called "Fusão" which gave life to great success known even nowadays, Yolanda. The group continued scoring success after success, the proof beeing as well songs that have become anthems of the band as "Amar-te assim" and "Só mais um beijo", exits of the fourth album released in 2001.

Accustomed to perform in large concert halls for thousands of people, the Irmãos Verdades had a striking performance at the Coliseum in Lisbon in 2009, where they recorded a live CD "Ao Vivo no Coliseu." But this article only points out some of the albums released by the band, and only some of their huge number of successes. Kizomba pioneers in Portugal recently released a new album, "Irmãos Verdades", from which already stand out for their successful songs like "Perdoa-me" and "Cartas".

The Irmãos Verdades group is currently composed of:

See here the interview with Irmãos Verdades, with our host Andreia Filipe.



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