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Edmilson was born on June 19th, 1994, in Lubango, better known as Mylson since he released his first song "Let me love you", theme that had a great success and was followed by his first album "Primeiro passo".

Mylson moved to Luanda with five years old and in 2014 he turned Glasgow, Scotland, into his official residence until nowdays.

From his beginnings as a singer and writer he showed great interest for the music, following closely the work of Heavy C and Anselmo Ralph, and later on the music of Trey Songz, with whom he came to discover a style that even today is his favorite R&B style.

Mylson began writing his own songs with almost 15 years old, and then, along with a school friend, Airton Culanda, started a duet. It was in 2010 that the music of these two friends reached the ears of the promoter Mahinga and of the producer Aires, both liked so much the theme that they agreed to launch Os Deliriuz, although shortly after the duo separated.

Now with 21 and with the release of his first album that includes several musical genres like R&B, Zouk and Kizomba, Mylson claims to have been a very hard path to go through but also confesses that having won in 2014 the prize "Breakthrough Artist" of the top Radio Luanda, and the invitation to act at Angola Music Awards opened many doors thowards the accomplishment of the dream of this great artist.


  • Stage name: Mylson
  • Real name: Edmilson Emanuel Amaro de Carvalho
  • Date of birth: 19-06-1994
  • Natural from: Lubango, Angola
  • Curiosity: Sempre adorou desde criança cantar no banho
  • Facebook:

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