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Spring is here bringing with it the month of April, which in its turn arrives full of talent. Get to know more about Mais Kizomba's Artist of the Month, the beautiful and talented Pérola!

Child of attorney father and doctor mother, Jandira Sassingui Neto, better known as Pérola, was born in Huambo on the 28th of April 1983. The singer and songwriter began singing with only 8 years old, for her family and neighbors, having them all delighted with her performances.

At age 9, Pérola and her family moved to Luanda, and with 13 years they travelled again, this time to the capital of the Republic of Namibia, where she studied law at the University of Pretoria of South Africa.

The singer who is also a lawyer, had her first opportunity into the music world participating in the Cocacola Popstar contest, where she had no opportunity to continue due to the fact of not being original from South Africa. But it was this door that closed which made the talented artist gain strength to go further, decided to have a solo career, Pérola recorded her first work "Os meus sentimentos", a title that reflects her longing for Angola.

The song with the earliest highlight of this album was "Break it", music that launched the artist into the spotlight.

Between 2005 and 2010, the artist won countless awards, most notably the Kora award, where she won best artist.

Pérola has a daughter, Valentine, and she`s married to Sérgio Neto, executive director of Semba Communications.

Her most recent work is entitled "Mais de mim" and is, in her own opinion, a more mature work. The singer revealed that motherhood brings maturity and experience, and all that is seen reflected in her music.

Data sheet

  • Stage name - Pérola
  • Real name - Jandira Neto Sassingui
  • Date of birth - April 28th, 1983
  • Birth place - Huambo
  • Favorite color - warm colors
  • Favorite gifts - bags, bijous, etc.
  • Most important - her daughter and family
  • Facebook page -
  • Message to the fans - "I want to thank the affection they have for my music, please continue to support me and support all the artists, music can only do us good, makes us reflect on good things".



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