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Find out here what the most popular songs in our SoundCloud for the month of August (2014).

Highlight for Yudi Fox, who ranks first with "Moça Louca".

  1. Moça Louca (Yudi Fox)
  2. Uma Chance (Djodje feat. Ricky Boy & Loony Johnson)
  3. O Final (Anna Joyce)
  4. Meu Vício (Telma Lee)
  5. Jajão (Master Jake feat. Eddy Flow)
  6. Eu Te Magoei (Telma Lee)
  7. Bo Tem Mel (Nelson Freitas & C4 Pedro)
  8. Something Good (Nelson Freitas)
  9. Ai Ai (Sophie Silva)
  10. Melhor Que Tu (Anna Joyce)

Mais Kizomba Top 10 (Agosto 2014)


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