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Find out here the most popular songs in our SoundCloud during the month of April.

Highlight for "Bonnie & Clyde" of Mika Mendes & Saaphy who got the second position.

  1. Bo Tem Mel (Nelson Freitas & C4 Pedro)

  2. Boonie & Clyde (Mika Mendes & Saaphy)

  3. Something Good (Nelson Freitas)

  4. So Podi Ser Amor (Tó Semedo)

  5. Simple Girl (Nelson Freitas)

  6. Atrevimento (Kataleya feat. Anselmo Ralph)

  7. It's Over (Denis Graça)

  8. One Second (Vanda May)

  9. Love Me Like You Do (Brianna Barros)

  10. Moça Relaxa (Anselmo Ralph)

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