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The musician Elji Beatzkilla released a new album, "Raça Mau" with a total of 13 tracks. The album features the participation of Saaphy, Mika Mendes, Atim, Djodje and Zeca Nha Reinalda.

Download now on iTunes.


  1. Beatzkilla Münstä
  2. Nobody (feat. Saaphy)
  3. Side Chïck
  4. Maluka (feat. Mika Mendes & Atim)
  5. Rabola (feat. Djodje)
  6. Raça Mau
  7. Miss Future
  8. I'm a Go
  9. Bazooka
  10. Dança Kizomba (Revolution)
  11. Talk Shit
  12. Tony (feat. Zeca Nha Reinalda)
  13. Just the Two of Us

Elji Beatzkilla - Raça Mau


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