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kizombaKizomba is a dance and music genre originally from Angola. The term "kizomba" comes from the linguistic expression Kimbundo, which means "party".

Kizomba as a dance was born on the 80's in Luanda (Angola), after major musical influences from Zouk (Antilles) and has its origin on Semba, a popular angolan music style. It's relevant to say that the big parties between friends were already refered to "Kizombadas" in the 60's, since at that time Kizomba didn't exist as a dance or musical genre.

In the 50's/60's people already danced Semba and other traditional dances in Angola. Many other dance styles from other continents were also enjoyed, since Angola and the rest of Africa received the influence of many other cultures during the colonization period around the XVI and XV centuries. This resulted in a fusion between african rhythms with the dance with pairs style imported from the European society.

These European influences together with the South American influences, such as Argentina and Cuba (Tango and Merengue), changed the way people danced during the "Kizombadas".

Nowadays, besides being extremly popular in Angola, Cape Verde and Portugal, Kizomba has spread to countries like England, France, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Belarus, Lithuania, Egypt, Switzerland, Serbia, Canada and the United States of America.

In Portugal the word "kizomba" is used for any type of music derived from Zouk, even if it's not of Angolan origin. In Cape Verde this style of music is also known as Cabo Love or Cabo Zouk.

Kizomba is an extremely beautiful and sensual dance, besides explosive and contagious, which conquered the world in recent years as a catchy melody and a dance which seduces our souls. Kizomba is for many of the Latin dancers a breath of fresh air, bringing something new and exciting, and perfect for anyone who wants to enter the world of dance due tyo its softness and easy basic steps, allowing any novice to gradually evolve to more complex steps, and more importantly allowing a beginner to enjoy the pleasure of social dancing much earlier than any other type of dance in pairs.

Kizomba is a dance that allows the pair to play the music they are dancing to and, according to the couple's intimacy, becoming an extremely close dance with slow and sensual moves, requiring great leading skills and complicity between man and woman, or a more open dance with faster steps, foot work and tricks. In both cases, dancing Kizomba provides a warm and unique experience that you will want to repeat over and over again...

There are several styles in Kizomba.

  • Passada — classic style
  • Tarraxinha
  • Quadradrinha
  • Ventoinha



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